Friday, May 17, 2013

Most popular Indian sites to make money online

make money online

There are many Indian sites which are paying for doing some task like reading email, reading offers from your mobile etc. check out the list of some sites as follow

1. PaisaLive is a unique advertising platform that brings together the Advertisers and Members. Members are paid each time they check the advertiser's promotion and advertisers are able to send their message to the masses at a very low cost!

How much can I earn from PaisaLive :

- You will earn instantly Rs. 99 just for joining
- You will earn Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 5.00 for checking each promotion. The amount you earn depends on your Activity Score and the type of promotion. More the number of promotions you participate in, higher your payout.
- You earn login incentive for just logging into this website once every 24 hours.
- You earn Rs. 2 for each friend you refer to PaisaLive.

2. Youmint is owned by MobileTree Ltd, a company registered in England. MobileTree’s parent company is a London based holding company for 3 telecom related businesses and works closely with over 400 mobile operators globally i.e more than 60% of all mobile operators in the world!

How To Earn with Youmint:

- Get Paid for Incoming SMS and Emails. You get FULL control over how many, at what time and about what!
- Get Paid for promos sent to your network on YouMint.
- Introduce your friends and get paid when they join and when their friends join!
- Participate in YouMint Cash Offers and mint money everytime your network participates in our advertisers’ offers.

3. mGinger

mGinger is a service providing targeted advertisements on mobile phones. The advertisements are targeted to a consumer base who have opted-in to this service. The consumer base is built through a registration process in which the consumers specify their commercial interests, maximum number of ads they would like to receive in a day, convenient time-slots and their demographic information.

Once you register mginger you will start receiving SMS ad on your Mobile.

- 20 paisa for every ad you will receive.
- 2rs for every valid referral you send.
- 10 paisa for every referral receives ad.

4. Rupeemail

You get paid to open & read the contents of RupeeMail. You receive promotional offers & special discounts in RupeeMail.
Interestingly RupeeMails will reach you based on the preference list you opted for.

* After reaching Minimum earning, you can withdraw money by check. Most of the site has a minimum 500rs payout.

5. Viewbestads

Viewbestads simple but interesting concept, get rewards for zero investment and for no buying/selling of products; on top of it you see ads of your interest, read only positive news, participate in playquiz, HQC, HBNC, Number Game, Nifty Prediction etc and enhance your GK & IQ.

you can redeem your money via check or can recharge your mobile from Viewbestads.



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