Friday, September 29, 2017

Droom B-Plan Competition for Business minded people & Win Cash Prizes Worth Rs. 2 Lakh

Droom MTV Drop Out Contest to win Cash Prizes worth Rs. 2 Lac

With BPlan Competition, Droom provides the opportunity to the individuals with the intelligent acumen to design a strategic solution for real-life problems faced by Droom and the online automobile marketplace industry. B-Plan Competition would work as a propellant for young aspiring minds in their flights of professional careers.

As part of MTV Dropout, the contestants were given a task concerning Droom’s expansion into the C2C space. If you wanted to be part of Droom MTV Dropout and missed it, here’s your chance to test yourself. Can you better the Dropout contestants?

Currently, the majority of Droom’s business is B2C - auto dealers selling to consumers. The company’s now giving a major push to build the C2C side of the business as well. With this offering, individual sellers will be able to list their vehicles on the platform which can then be purchased directly by individual buyers/consumers. The participants need to submit a business plan for Droom to build up the C2C side of the business. The submission should cover all aspects of a business plan.

Last date for submission of entries shall be 25th October, 2017

How to Enter In to Droom B-Plan Competition 2017

  1. Download Competetion PDF in Brief
  2. Visit B-Plan Competition Registration Page
  3. Just Scroll Down and see Registration Form
  4. Fill The Required Details In Form and Click Submit
  5. Your are Done
  6. Do Updated To their Facebook Page Or you May Contact them via Email:



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